Warner Bros Dubs Moonlight at Graffitti Studio


    Sofia's Graffitti Studio has completed dubbing for the Warner Bros TV series Moonlight. It was the first U.S. studio contract for the Bulgarian sound studio.

    The dubbing session is an example of how Bulgaria has been building upon its film industry by branching into post-production services.

    "The session was extremely hard to be accomplished technically and in my opinion something like this has never been done in Bulgaria before. On one side, our client ordered a permanent ISDN transmission, while the recording was running, so that he was able to monitor the time code of the tape in real time. Along with that we should broadcast a high-quality audio and video signal to a studio based in LA, which was recording the session at the same time," Graffitti Studio sound-engineer Cvetan Chobanov said in a press statement.

    "I suppose that WB chose to work with us since we are a name here in Bulgaria with over 15 years of experience in different audio and video production projects," Nick Ivanov, CEO of Graffitti Studio (www.graffittistudio.com), told FNE. "Besides, [Warner Bros] had very high expectations on the equipment and ISDN monitoring line that enables a separate recording session in a different studio in LA real time, with very high audio quality while the session is going. We truly believe that there aren't many studios out there which would manage to handle such a responsible and complicated task."