PRODUCTION: The Brave Adventures of Little Shoemaker Shooting

By Iulia Blaga
    Silvije Petranovic Silvije Petranovic

    ZAGREB: Director/screenwriter Silvije Petranovic’s adaptation of I.Brlic.Mazuranic‘s famous children novel The Brave Adventures of Hlapić started shooting in September 11 and will wrap November 17. Maydi Mervar Petranovic and Silvije Petranovic are producing through Maydi Film (www.maydi.com).

    The story evolves around a little shoemaker’s apprentice, Hlapić, who sets off on a journey after suffering from Master Mrkonja. On his journey he meets Gita, a beautiful circus girl who is an orphan just like him. Both will share various adventures and despite the obstacles they will help everybody and do good.

    The budget is 1.23m EUR, Maydi Mervar Petranovic told FNE. The project is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center (www.havc.hr), and by cities and municipalitys from Croatia.Mirko Pivcevic is the DOP. The cast includes: Goran Navojec, Hristina Popović, Milan Pleština, Livio Badurina and Bojan Navojec.

    The premiere is set for 2013. There is no sales agent attached to the project yet.

    Production Information
    Maydi Film & Video
    Čalogovićeva 14
    Zagreb, Croatia
    Phone: +385(0)1 669 2500
               +385 (0)1 662 4701

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    Director: Silvije Petranovic

    Script: Silvije Petranovic

    DOP: Mirko Pivcevic

    Cast: Goran Navojec

             Hristina Popović

           Milan Pleština

             Livio Badurina

             Bojan Navojec