FNE Cannes Preview 2013: Croatian Films and Filmmakers in Cannes


    Meet us in Cannes at the South-East European Pavilion - Village Int. Riviera n. 134

    Hrvoje Hribar, CEO (May 15 to 23)

    Sanja Ravlic, National Representative to Eurimages (May 17 to 22)

    Martina Petrovic, Head of MEDIA desk Croatia (May 15 to 22)

    Ivana Ivisic, Head of Promotion (May 15 to 22)

    Vanja Sremac, Deputy Promotion (May 15 to 22)

    Ana Mikin, Promotion Coordinator (May 15 to 23)

    Petra Hofbauer, Head of Press (May 15 to 22)

    Jadranka Hrga, Head of Programmes Dept. (May 15 to 20)


    Stage Fright

    directed by Yorgos Zois

    It’s the opening night of the most anticipated avant-garde theatre play of the year. The guests of the premiere take their seats and the play starts. Seven young armed persons, with gentle faces, enter the stage. They randomly choose people from the audience and invite them up on stage. They ask them to co-create a new devised play with the cast. But there is one condition. Everything has to be real; from the performances to the bullets. The remaining audience watches the play with great interest, not knowing if this is a true act or not. The new play will come to an end end at the exact time that the premiere ends. Until then, art will imitate survival.

    Production Company Pan Entertainment sa (Greece); in co-production with Nukleus film (Croatia) Produced by Maria Drandaki Co-produced by Siniša Juričic

    status: in pre-production est. production date: summer, 2014

    Contacts in Cannes Maria Drandaki Cell: +30 6944846012 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: www.pan.com.gr Siniša Juričić Cell: +385 91 5021 871 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: www.nukleus-film.hr


    Obrana i zaštita / A Stranger

    directed by Bobo Jelčić

    When Slavko’s old friend Dulaga dies, Slavko feels obliged to go to the funeral. But in his hometown of Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this simple social obligation has the potential to get him into all kinds of trouble. This is a compelling tale of everyday life in a fractured society, and a world where paranoia, comedy and drama co-exist. It is also an astute psychological portrait of a man who is forced to cross the invisible line that divides two communities. Above all, it is the story of a man who lost everything that defined him, when his country disintegrated.

    Main Cast Bogdan Diklić, Nada Durevska, Ivana Roščić, Rakan Rushaidat Produced by Zdenka Gold Co-produced by Josip Popovac, Tomislav Bubalo, Tomislav Topić Production Company Spiritus Movens

    Production; in co-production with Croatian Radiotel- evision (hrt), Kadar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    2013 | 87’ | Colour | Drama Festivals 63rd Berlin International Film Festival – Forum

    Contacts in Cannes International Sales Rendez-vous Pictures Philippe Tasca Tel: +33 6 73 04 50 72 Email: p.tasca@rendezvouspic- tures.com Web: www.rendezvouspictures.com

    Spiritus Movens Production Zdenka Gold Cell: +385 98 353 965 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.spiritus-movens.hr


    Svećenikova djeca / The Priest’s Children

    directed by Vinko Brešan

    Main Cast Krešimir Mikić, Nikša Butijer, Marija Škaričić, Dražen Kuhn Produced by Ivan Maloča Production Company Interfilm;

    in co-production with Croatian Radiotelevision (hrt), Zillion film (Serbia)

    Convinced that he is behaving in a righteous manner, because ‘even the Pope is against the use of condoms’, Don Fabijan, a Catholic priest in a small town on a Dalmatian island, starts puncturing condoms. He then persuades Peter, a god-fearing newsstand owner, to sell them at his newspaper kiosk. Don Fabijan and Peter soon join forces with Marin, a pious pharmacist, who starts secretly replacing contraceptive pills with vitamin pills in his pharmacy. Soon, the actions of the trio start influencing the lives of the islanders, who are no longer the masters of their own fate.

    2013 | 97’ | Colour | Comedy Contacts in Cannes International Sales Wide Management Loic Magneron Tel: +33 6 60 43 96 86 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: www.widemanagement.com

    Interfilm Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: www.interfilm.hr


    Zagonetni dječak / The Mysterious Boy

    directed by Dražen Žarković

    Main Cast Antonio Parač, Karlo Maloča, Toma Budanko, Vanja Markovinović Produced by Ankica Jurić Tilić Production Company Kinorama; in co-pro- duction with Croatian Radiotelevision (hrt)

    The Mysterious Boy is a family film about a group of fourteen-year old boys who solve a mystery and along the way discover what it means to be an adult. Koko’s friend Tomo has recently moved to the city, and craves adventure. At school, their attention is drawn to a new student who is acting strangely. Together with their classmate Marijana, the three boys embark on an adventure that will reveal the new student’s carefully concealed secret. Solving mysteries is no mere game however – and the solution proves more frightening than they first realized.

    2013 | 88’ | Colour | Family Film, Adventure, Mystery

    Contact in Cannes Kinorama Ankica Jurić Tilić Tel: +385 98 465 576 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web: www.kinorama.hr




    A Stranger                          

    2013 | 87’ | Colour | Drama                                    

    Market Screenings

    FRI | MAY 17 | 20:30 | PALAIS C

    MON | MAY 20 | 12:00 | GRAY 1


    The Priest's Children

    2013 | 97’ | Colour | Comedy


    FRI | 17 MAY | 11:30 | PALAIS B

    SUN | 19 MAY | 15:30 | PALAIS D


    The Mysterious Boy

    2013 | 88’ | Colour | Family Film, Adventure, Mystery


    SUN | MAY 19 | 10:00 | GRAY 1


    Best of Croatian Shorts 2012/2013

    FICTION FILMS: Babysitter by Ivan Sikavica, From One Day to Another by Sara Hribar, I’m a Self-Made Woman by Sonja Tarokić, The Little Raccoon by Barbara Vekarić, Rom Com by Zvonimir Rumbolt, Sweetie by Aldo Tardozzi, Terrarium by Hana Jušić, Umbrella by Jure Pavlović

    ANIMATED FILMS: Fibonacci Bread by Danijel Žeželj, I Already Know What I Hear by Darko Masnec, Pinball by Darko Vidačković, Why Elephants? by Marko Meštrović

    EXPERIMENTAL FILM Site Selection by Mare Šuljak




    Documentary Films:

    Gangster te voli | Gangster of Love

    directed by Nebojša Slijepčević

    2013 | 79’ | dcp | Colour | Documentary

    production company Restart

    festivals Hot Docs 2013, ZagrebDox – Audience Award

    Matchmaker Nediljko Babić, also known as “Gangster”, helps a Bulgarian single mother find a new husband in Croatia. But a series of comically disastrous dates reveals the true nature of conservative Croatian men: they would rather die alone than marry a foreigner with a child.


    Cvjetni trg | Flower Square

    directed by Krsto Papić

    2012 | 105’ | dcp | Colour | Crime, Drama

    production company Ozana film

    festivals Montreal World ff 2012

    Actor Filip Kapec and his family find themselves under threat from the mafia and the criminal underworld after a police inspector Branko blackmails Filip into helping the police investigate a ruthless mafia boss.


    Halimin put | Halima’s Path

    directed by Arsen A. Ostojić

    2012 | 93’ | dcp | Colour | Drama

    production company Arkadena Zagreb

    festivals 2012 Talinn Black Nights ff, Cottbus ff, Cairo ff

    Halima’s Path tells the tragic but inspiring story of a good- natured Muslim woman who tries, without success, to identify the remains of her son who was killed in the Bosnian War and buried in one of the many mass graves.


    Košnice | Hives

    directed by Igor Šeregi, Boaz Debby, Michael Lennox, Simon Dolensky, Tomaš Kratochvil

    2012 | 72’ | dcp | Colour | Drama, Comedy

    production company Academy of Dramatic Art (adu)

    festivals San Sebastian - Int. Film Students Meeting 2012

    Five people are united by a common thread – they are listening to urgent news reports about the disappearance of bees. They are all trying their best, living in their own hives: in Zagreb, Jerusalem, London, Cologne and Prague.



    Krugovi | Circles

    directed by Srdan Golubović

    2013 | 112’ | 35mm | Coulor | Drama

    production company Baš Čelik (ser), Propeler Film (cro) international sales Memento Films International

    festivals 2013 Sundance, Berlinale Forum, Sofia ff

    Taking a fatal act of violence during the Bosnian War as its starting point, Circles traces out the subsequent fates of those involved, all of whose relationships are marked by deep wounds and bitterness even today. (Berlinale Forum)


    Pismo ćaći | A Letter to My Dad

    directed by Damir Čučić

    2012 | 72’ | dcp | Colour | Drama, Debut Feature

    production company Croatian Films’ Association (hfs)

    festivals 2013 Goteborg ff, Crossing Europe

    Linz Milivoj cannot liberate himself of the fear that he is turning into ‘his father’s son’ and that the father’s life is a projection of his future. Trying to prove his superiority, he tapes a confessional video-letter to his Dad.


    Sonja i bik | Sonja and the Bull

    directed by Vlatka Vorkapić

    2012 | 106’ | dcp | Colour | Romantic Comedy

    production company Interfilm

    festivals Pula ff 2012, Houston ff 2013

    Sonja, a city girl, vegetarian and hardcore animal-rights activist, strongly opposes bullfighting. Bets get raised that she would not dare to face a bull, but the real challenge turns out to be Ante - the handsome son of her “enemy”.


    Zagrebačke priče 2 - Ljubav | Zagreb Stories 2 - Love

    directed by Hana Veček, Radislav Jovanov Gonzo, Josip Visković, Sara Hribar, Aldo Tardozzi, Ivan Sikavica

    2012 | 110’ | dcp | Omnibus | Comedy, Drama, Romance

    production company Propeler Film; in co-production with Restart (slo), Alka Film (cro), f&me (uk)

    festivals Pula ff 2012, Sofia ff 2013

    Following the great success of Zagreb Stories (2009), Propel- er Film produced a new omnibus consisting of six new interesting stories about love and family in present-day Zagreb.



    2012 | 23’ | hdcam | Colour

    directed by Ivan Sikavica

    production company Academy of Dramatic Art (adu)

    Čiks thinks that life is always better somewhere else, other than the place where he happens to be at any particular time – but are faraway hills really as green as he believes them to be?


    Ja sam svoj život posložila / I’m a Self-Made Women 2012

    | 26’52” | Beta sp | Colour

    directed by Sonja Tarokić

    production company Academy of Dramatic Art (adu)

    When dreaming of a soap opera kind of life, it is a sister’s job to jump in! Željka’s younger sister Silvija begs her to let her spend the night at her place...


    Kišobran / Umbrella 2012

    | 17’42” | DigiBeta | Colour

    directed by Jure Pavlović

    production company Sekvenca

    In the wee hours of the morning, Tea unexpectedly appears at Ivan’s door. Her explanation? She has just stopped by to pick up the umbrella she left behind by accident. The ensuing conversation, however, slowly reveals the true nature of their relationship.


    Mali debeli rakun / The Little Raccoon 2013

    | 25’ | hd | Colour est

    directed by Barbara Vekarić

    production Company Academy of Dramatic Art (adu), Film organization Motion (FUM)

    Set in 1991 in wartime Dubrovnik, The Little Raccoon shows the perspective of 8-years-old Lily as the bombs begin to fall. She prepares to evacuate from her home- town with her pregnant mother, leaving her beloved father behind.


    Mucica / Sweetie 2012

    | 11’20” | dcp | Colour

    directed by Aldo Tardozzi

    production company Propeler Film; in co-production with Restart (slo), Alka Film (cro), F&ME (uk)

    Today is the day when Tvrtko must choose the right path – the path to school.


    Od danas do sutra / From One Day to Another

    directed by Sara Hribar

    2012 | 20’30” | dcp | Colour

    production company Propeler Film; in co-production with Restart (slo), Alka Film (cro), F&ME (uk)

    A romantic drama about a young couple, which is, more or less successfully, coping with the obligatory clichés about modern married life and the limits that society puts on it.


    Rom Kom / Rom Com

    2012 | 30’ | DigiBeta |

    Colour directed by Zvonimir Rumbolt production company 4 Film We meet Her and Him, lost in the embrace on the set filming the soap opera, as the main characters of the hit series, and anti-heroes of their own lives. The story leads them into battle with their erotic desires, the growing instant media fame, and the contempt and envy of their underpaid colleagues who find consolation in mocking them with self-sufficient art snobbery.


    Terarij / Terrarium 2

    012 | 25’ | DigiBeta | Colour

    directed by Hana Jušić

    production company Academy of Dramatic Art (adu)

    Tina and her cousin Max cannot stand their Grandma’s bad soup, the scorching summer heat or their endless, utter boredom any more. Both of them wish they were somewhere else, with other people. Unfortunately, they only have each other.



    Fibonaccijev kruh / Fibonacci Bread

    2013 | 7’40” | 35mm, DigiBeta | Colour

    directed by Danijel Žeželj

    production company Zagreb film; in co-production with Petikat

    Fibonacci Bread is set in the heart of an urban landscape, in the sliver of time between yesterday and tomorrow. Our main character, a bread maker, spends his nights baking spiral- shaped pastries. In the pre- dawn hours he rides his bicycle, distributing them to local homeless people...


    Fliper / Pinball

    2012 | 7’30” | hdcam | Colour

    directed by Darko Vidačković

    production company Bonobostudio

    Just like in a dynamic pinball game, the trajectory of the ball after launching is not pre-determined. The player’s actions direct the ball, make sense of its movements, and leave their trace, but they do not affect its direction or fate in the long run.


    Ja već znam što čujem / I Already Know What I Hear

    2012 | 5’ | hdcam | Colour

    directed by Darko Masnec

    production company Academy of Fine Arts (ALU);

    in co- production with Zagreb film

    Communication is a lack that I can sense, through things I am unable to say. But this lack is not a black hole; it is a space that fills itself.


    Zašto slonovi? / Why Elephants?

    2012 | 8’ | 35mm | Colour

    directed by Marko Meštrović production company Kreativni sindikat; in co-production with Zagreb film

    The main character is trying to give an answer to a simple question. He is wandering through a labyrinth of intuitive visions. In some particular way this question seems to deter- mine his life. His answer is always the same... Do we have any answers to the big important questions?


    Short Film Corner: Experimental Films

    Site Selection 2012

    | 3’ | SD video | Colour

    directed by Mare Šuljak

    production company Kinoklub Zagreb

    A fox wanders around the empty city, looking for a place of its own.


    Short Film Corner: Documentary Films

    Presuda / The Verdict

    directed by Đuro Gavran

    production company Pipser

    2013 | 11’ | dcp | Colour

    Sixteen years after the war, in the main square of Zagreb several thousand people gathered to watch a live broad- cast of the verdict to Croatian generals. Through a series of close-ups, the film documents the eruption of emotions caused by the verdict.


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