Ivona Juka's Co-production The Other Supported by Eurimages

By FNE Staff

    ZAGREB: Director Ivona Juka's feature live-action debut The Other, a Croatian/Slovene coproduction,has won financial support from Eurimages.

    Juka wrote the script for the film, in which the lives of several couples intertwine during the preparations for a soap opera anniversary celebration. A bit of slice-of-life dramaturgy, a bit of soap opera matrix, the turns experienced by the characters show the irony and bitterness of everyday life behind the idealised soap opera landscapes.

    The script for The Other has already received three best script awards: the NIPKOW award of the German European film professionals programme, the Croatian Film Directors' Guild award and the Split City Office for Culture and their film critics' award.

    Shooting will begin in the autumn of 2011. The producer is Anita Juka, and co-producers are Biljana Niković and Danijel Hočevar of Slovenia. The film is produced by 4film from Zagreb and co-produced by Vertigo (Slovenia) and Sloane Film Production (Serbia).

    The film is co-funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Croatian Radio and Television, Slovenian Film Centre and Serbian Ministry of Culture.

    Contributed by HAVC