Garagouz Wins Cyprus Short FF

By FNE Staff
    The first prize of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (isffc.com.cy) and a prize of 5,000 euros went to Gargouz. The awards were presented at the closing ceremony on 22 October 2011.

    A list of the prize winners follows:

    -1st Prize for Best Short Film to the film Garagouz

    Jury Rationale: An excellent story of life in contemporary Algeria, told through the journey of a father and son. Social issues are subtly addressed combined with a persistence of creative vision. All elements, performance, cinematography, sound, directing beautifully serve this story. Full of emotional truth, it has strong moments of lightness, jeopardy and hope.

    -2nd Prize for Best Short Film to the film Conversation Piece

    Jury Rationale: Originality, great sense of humour, good performance and pace - it made us laugh.

    -Best Director Award to Aleksandra Strelyanaya for the film Bread for Bird

    Jury Rationale: A beautiful and unusual way to make a family history film with finely judged images and colors. Full of warmth and layers of meaning.

    -Documentary Award to the film Machine Man

    Jury Rationale
    This documentary uses moving and poetic images to talk about the working conditions of manual labor in Bangladesh - an important subject simply and effectively told.

    Special Mention for Best Male Actor to Gregoire Leprince - Ringuet for his performance in the film The Piano Tuner
    Special Mention for Best Female Actress to Ania Bukstein for her performance in the film Martha Must Fly
    Special Mention for Best Production to the film This Means Forever

    Special Mention for Best Sound Design to Genetix Studio, Maciej Tegi for the film Paths of Hate

    Special Mention for Best Sound to the film Mokhtar
    Special Mention for Best Art Direction to Julie O'loughlin for the film Mr Foley

    Special Mention for Best Music to Joonatan Portaankorva for the film Death of an Insect
    Special Mention for Best Cinematography to Isabel Aris for the film Maya

    Special Mention for Best Screenplay to Olivier Treiner for the film The Piano Tuner

    Special Mention for Best Poetic Film to the film Sukati (A tale of heaven)

    Special Mention for Best Poetic Film / Ειδική Μνεία Καλύτερης Ποιητικής Ταινίας
    to the film / στην ταινία 1989 (When I was five yers old)

    Special Mention for Best Animation to the film Death of Insect

    Student Jury Award to the film Under Stress


    • 1st Prize for Best Short Film 5000 Euro
    • Best Director Award 2500 Euro
    • 2nd Prize for Best Short Film 1500 Euro
    • 1st Prize for Best National Film 5000 Euro
    • 2nd Prize for Best National Film 2500 Euro
    • Best Documentary Award 4000 Euro
    • Special Mention for the categories of Best Director, Best Production, Best Female Actress, Best Male Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Music score, Best animation, Best Documentary

      CUT Student Prize
      Student Film Award by students of the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts, Cyprus University of Technology