FNE at Cyprus SFFC 2012: Cyprus Short Film Fest Awards: Anna


    LIMASSOL: The 2012 International Short Film Festival of Cyprus (www.isffc.com.cy), which concluded on 20 October, bestowed its 1st Prize for Best National Film and an award of 5,000 EUR to Anna directed by Spiros Charalambous.

    The festival’s top award was given to the film “For its excellent approach to directing the sensitive subject of solitude and the defense of human dignity in contemporary multicultural Cypriot society.”

    The festival 2nd Prize and 2,500 EUR went to No Parking by Soteris Christou, “For its cinematic form and its humorous approach of a subject that has scarred Cypriot society.”

    The Michael Cacoyannis Award named for the Greek-Cypriot director of Zorba the Greek, along with 3,000 EUR was awarded to Dinos Gregoriou for the film Shadowboxing.

    Poland took home the Best Documentary Award and a prize of 4,000 EUR for After directed by Lukasz Konopa.

    In the short film competition, the 1st prize and 5,000 EUR went to the Narcocorrido (USA) directed by Ryan Prows. The 2nd prize and 1,500 euros went to Junior directed by Julia Ducournau (France).

    Cem Oztufekci won the Best Director Award and 2,500 euros for Nolya (Τurkey).

    The festival also handed out the following awards:

    Special Mention for Βest Sound Design in a National film: Marco Lopez for the films Shadowboxing by Dinos Gregoriou and God's Amnesia by Christos Christodoulou.

    Special Mention: George Tymvios for Stop Motion Animation for Pasty Child

    Special Mention for economy of storytelling and a minimalistic approach: Ηope, by Stelana Kliris.

    International Special Mention: Scriptwroters Pavlos Methenitis and Kostas Yerampinis for the film Iceberg, by Kostas Yerampinis (Greece).

    Documentary Special Mention: Lack of Evidence by Hayoun Kwon (France).