FNE Podcast: Danae Stylianou: Head of Dot.on.the.Μap Industry Days


    LIMASSOL: FNE correspondent and film critic Alexander Gabelia spoke to Danae Stylianou, head of Dot.on.the.Μap Industry Days, about the general goals and activities of the industry platform and its projects in 2023.

    Danae Stylianou, source: private archiveThe 4th edition of Dot.on.the.map Industry Days, organised by the Cyprus Film Days International Festival, the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Culture and the Rialto Theatre, will be held between 27 and 29 April 2023 in Cyprus, in the framework of the 21st Cyprus Film Days International Festival (21 – 29 April 2023).

    A total of 8 projects have been selected for pitching sessions of the co-production forum, Dot.on.the.Map Meeting Point.

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