Strike at Cyprus TV

By Ninos Feneck Mikelides
    Following a four-hour work stoppage on July 13, the trade-unions of the National Television Channel (RIK) in Cyprus have announced a warning, 24-hour strike to take place on Thursday.

    The strike at the public broadcaster will start at midnight on Wednesday and end at midnight on Thursday. Both national and international broadcasts, via CyBC International, are affected.

    In a common statement, the trade unions called on the Board of Directors and the management of RIK (www.cybc.com.cy) to honour their agreement for filling all vacant positions of advancement and to clearly define timetables for the conditions of employing hourly-paid staff. These problems have been accumulating for several years, and although promises were made in the past, no definite actions have yet been taken.

    The unions have made it clear that if there is no response from the management the strike may continue.