Be2Can Opens in Czech Republic and Slovakia


    PRAGUE: The 2nd edition of Be2Can Film Festival, organized by Film Europe Media Company will kick off in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 7 October 2015, echoing films from Cannes, Berlin and Venice in theatres, on VOD and TV.

    Eighteen films will be screened in cinemas, 19 on VOD and 92 on the Film Europe Channel. The festival will wrap on 14 October 2015.

    “Be2Can is an exquisite festival of global contemporary film. Its singularity rests in the cinema & VOD & TV distribution synergy and the systematic focus on the main competitions of the world’s three biggest festivals. Be2Can combines the traditional festival film format and contemporary forms of presentation,” Ivan Hronec, CEO of the Film Europe Media Company, said in a press release.

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