FNE at ZLIN IFF 2016: Tim Clagues Plans Kid’s Euro Coproduction Film

    Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg by Tim Clague Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg by Tim Clague

    ZLIN: Director Tim Clague is in development with The Magnificent Gobbler, a live action film for children planned as a European coproduction.

    "The story is set in a holiday location and it's about a group of families form across Europe. They've been going there since they were on holiday and now they are coming back with their children and the film is focused on them. The group of children find Syrian refugee kids, whose parents were taken by the authorities. The Syrian kids carry a treasure from the museum that their dad used to work in and they are chased by villians who want to steal this treasure. The group of children help them escape," Clague told FNE while visiting Zlin Film Festival, where he presented his previous film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?

    The film will be produced by Clague and Danny Stack (Nelson Nutmeg Pictures) with a planned budget of 1 m EUR.

    "We've presented this idea in Cannes and we are currently talking with several European partners. Poland, Croatia. Norway and Finland are all interested. We want the cast and crew to be international, completed with popular actors and film professionals from each country, so each partner can promote the film with their stars," he explained.

    The Magnificent Gobbler is planned as a multi-language, live action family film. "The topic is important and serious, but we want to have good comedy value and action scenes that would engage the children and be enjoyable for them. There is a string need for this type of films in Europe and we hope to add to that," Clague said.