Labyrinth finishes filming

By Irena Zemanova
    Filming on Tomas Houska's psychothriller Labyrinth concluded this week, with post-production expected to be finished by the end of August.

    The cross-genre film (crime/sci-fi/horror, with the flavor of the X-files TV series) will be released January 22, 2009, Lucie Straková from production and distribution company Hollywood Classic Entertainment (www.h ce.cz) announced on Tuesday.

    The budget of the film was close to CZK 15 million (600,000 Euros). Hollywood Classic Entertainment and Houska´s company Abraka-dabra (http://filmcenter.cz/cz/addressbook/detail/752-abraka-dabra) co-produced the movie.

    The story of a young journalist who investigates a mysterious disappereance of her friend and a sudden death of one of her neighbour stars Lucie Vondrackova, Jan Zadrazil and Martin Zbrozek.

    "We are working with fear and obscure, inexplicable events, trying to make a real, full-bodied psychothriller, not only a bloody horror," said Houska, who shot the movie both in Prague centre and mysterious historical labyrinths of Znojmo, south Moravia.

    Houska´s previous credits include the screenplay of Gympl, an ironic high-school comedy by directed Tomas Vorel, which was a 2007 Czech box office hit and received the Czech Lion award, among others.