FNE at 57. ZLIN IFF: International Coproduction Elisa's World of Wonder in Preproduction

    Elisa's World of Wonder by Monica Foris, Pino Foris Elisa's World of Wonder by Monica Foris, Pino Foris photo: www.elfdream.info

    ZLIN: Elisa's World of Wonder, a Czech/British/Canadian coproduction for the young audience directed by Monica and Pino Foris, was showcased at the Works In Progress at the 57th International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlin, which runs through 3 June 2017.

    Elisa's World of Wonder is a fantasy comedy adventure about twelve-year-old Elisabeth, who tries to solve her problems by using her imagination and finds herself in a legendary world full of characters from Bohemian fairy-tales. The script was written by 15-year-old writer Viola Blahova, who started working on this idea when she was just 13.

    "We find that the kids in the current world are much smarter than the adults think. That's why with this movie we will treat the young viewers as partners and create something that will be in their language. That's what we were missing in our childhoods and what we are missing now in the cinema as parents," Pino Foris told FNE.

    The project is an international coproduction between Foris Film Ltd., Bohemia Film International and Michael A. Calace and Silver Sword International. The project is currently in preproduction, with 75% of the 1 m EUR budget already in place. 

    "The Czech distributor is Bontonfilm and our coproducer Silver Sword Films will distribute the film in Canada and the US. We are currently looking for European distribution possibilities," Pino Foris told FNE.

    The premiere of the finished film is planned for the next edition of Zlin IFF.

    Production contact:

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    Directed by Monica Foris, Pino Foris
    Story: Viola Blahova
    Script: Viola Blahova, Pino Foris
    Storyediting: Monica Foris, Matej Preisler