Oscar Winning Czech Director Jan Sverak to Release Re-mastered Early Hits

    Akumulator I by Jan Sverak Akumulator I by Jan Sverak

    PRAGUE: Oscar winning Czech director Jan Sverak has re-mastered and re-released theatrically his 1994 comedy hit Akumulator I. The film is the second in a series of Sverak’s early films that the Czech director is re-mastering for re-release including the Oscar winning hit Kolya. Elementary School was re-mastered in 2016.

    Speaking to FNE during the recent Karlovy Vary FF, where Akumulator I had a gala screening, Sverak said that owning or controlling the rights to his earlier films via his production company Biograf meant that he was able to do this.  He compared the re-mastered Akumulator I to a film that had been given a second life.

    Akumulator I went to number one at the Czech box office in 1994 as most of Sverak’s films have done but there were only half a million admissions because the number of working screens in the Czech Republic was much less than today.

    Akumulator I was re-released in Czech cinemas in June and is finding a whole new generation of fans. Kolya and The Ride / Jizda are already in the re-mastering pipeline and will be released next. This will mean that all nine of Sverak’s feaature films will be available in 4K -UHD or in Full HD.