Czech Animated Feature Film Selected for Cartoon Springboard

    Tony, Shelly and Genius by Filip Pošivač Tony, Shelly and Genius by Filip Pošivač

    PRAGUE: Tony, Shelly & Genius, a 70-minute animated feature film, is among the 24 projects which will be pitched at Cartoon Springboard taking place 4-6 December in Valenciennes.

    The project will be presented by Pavla Janoušková Kubečková & Filip Pošivač. The film is the only project from CEE selected for the 2018 edition of the Cartoon Forum event.  

    Pošivač is a young-generation Czech animator and children’s book illustrator, working on his first full-length animated feature. Janoušková Kubečková is a producer with Nutprodukce. The film received a grant of 15 m CZK / 580,000 EUR from the Czech Film Fund in July 2018.

    The two main characters are two children with opposite personalities. Shelly is a bespectacled, quirky girl. She grew up in a theatre with her mother, a prima ballerina, who has just retired. Tony is from a full, very friendly and open family. Tony’s whole body literally glows. Being so different he stays most of the time hidden in his bunker at home. When Shelly moves into Tony's building, she is fascinated by his light, and Tony by her imagination. They both enjoy their first true friendship. Shelly's mother becomes more depressed, blaming the darkness in their new home and wants to move out instantly. The kids must find out how to defeat a mysterious creature called Genius Loci and bring light to the house again.