FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: An Ordinary Country by Tomasz Wolski

    This week True Story, a collaborative project between the Institute of Documentary Film and Film New Europe, speaks to Polish documentary maker Tomasz Wolski about his documentary An Ordinary Country.

    When footage from the archives of the Polish Secret Service was revealed to filmmaker Tomasz Wolski, his passion for Polish history awakened the need to create An Ordinary Country; a haunting and important remembrance about surveillance, our current behaviours and how to frame, and possibly protect, our privacy and our abilities to improve our lives.

    True Story is a new video podcast series dedicated to the documentary film of Central and Eastern Europe.

    In-depth interviews, analysis, field reports, live events and much much more with your curious and enthusiastic hosts, Ivona Remundova and Nicole Jennifer Adelman.

    Click HERE for our podcast with Tomasz Wolski: An Ordinary Country.