CEE Animation Forum 2021 Selects 42 Projects


    PRAGUE: The CEE Animation Forum announced the 42 animated projects that will be presented in the 26 – 29 April 2021 pitching competition and at the Anifilm IFAF on 4 – 9 May.

    The CEE Animation Forum informed it had received a record number of submissions for its 9th edition. The forum will expand its competition categories to five, with the introduction of the category Rising Stars for films school students.

    The majority of the selected projects come from Central and Eastern Europe: 6 from Hungary; 4 from Slovakia; 3 from Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, and Slovenia; 2 from Cyprus, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain; and 1 project each from Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Romania, Switzerland and Ukraine.

    Selected Projects:


    Birds Don’t Look Back (France)
    Directed by Nadia Nackle
    Producer: Sebastien Onomo, Special Touch Studios

    Blaise (France)
    Directed by Dimitri Planchon
    Producer: Alexandre Gavras, KG Productions

    Dreamworld (Croatia)     
    Directed by Veljko Popovic
    Producer: Milivoj Popovic, Prime Render d.o.o.

    Grizzlebetter (Bulgaria) 
    Producer: Tania Assova, Zographic Films Ltd.

    Senior Crush (Hungary) 
    Directed by Orsolya Richolm
    Producer: Andrea Ausztrics, Umbrella Kreatív Műhely Kft.

    The Night Falls over Madrid                                      
    Directed by Daniel V. Villamediana, David Epiney
    Producer: Eugenia Mumenthaler, Alina film
    Country: Switzerland

    Vast Blue Antarctica            
    Directed by Christos Panagos
    Producer: Charalambos Margaritis, Kimonos Animation Studio
    Country: Cyprus

    (only series in the selection)

    Anselmo Wannabe    
    Directed by Massimo Ottoni
    Producer: Federico Turani, Ibrido         
    Country: Italy

    Directed by Jack O'Shea
    Producer: Paul Ruttledge, Bogboy Productions Limited
    Country: Ireland

    Deivit and Lisa
    Directed by Alessandro Di Renzo
    Producer: Mario Tarrago
    Country: Spain

    Directed by Geza M. Toth
    Producer: Geza M. Toth, KEDD Animation Studio
    Country: Hungary

    Robot and the Martians      
    Directed by Tomasz Niedzwiedz
    Producer: Tomasz Paziewski, Badi Badi
    Country: Poland           

    Rosie and Sapphire   
    Directed by Anna Katalin Lovrity
    Producer: Balint Gelley, CUB Animation Ltd.
    Country: Hungary

    Starting with Hope                 
    Directed by Sonia Velvien
    Producer: Diana Hentulescu, Moukda Production
    Country: Romania

    The Adventures of Gloria Scott    
    Directed by Matija Pisacic
    Producer: Dijana Mladenovic, Kinematograf
    Country: Croatia

    The Olive Bunch    
    Directed by Magnus Kravik
    Producer: Maria Pavlou, Pixel giants
    Country: Cyprus

    What the Old Moon Tells
    Directed by Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez
    Producer: Carol Ratajczak, Blaue Pampelmuse
    Country: Germany

    Zhuzha Fixes the World              
    Directed by Oleksandra Ruban
    Producer: Kateryna Kopylova, Sashko Chubko, Trident Film
    Country: Ukraine          


    Directed by Szandra Pataki
    Producer: Krisztina Endrenyi, Mythberg Films Kft.
    Country: Hungary

    Directed by Wojciech Sobczyk
    Producer: Aneta Zagorska, Robert Sowa, Krakow Film Klaster - Centrum Animacji w Krakowie
    Country: Poland

    Electra. A Poem
    Directed by Daria Kashcheeva
    Producer: Zuzana Krivkova, MAUR film s.r.o.
    Country: Czech Republic

    Hello Summer
    Directed by Martin Smatana
    Producer: Martin Smatana, Studio Bororo
    Country: Slovakia

    Directed by Maria Burgues, Enric Sant
    Producer: Maria Burgues, BLISS PICTURES
    Country: Spain

    Milu's Dog         
    Directed by Daniel Gray
    Producer: Bella Szederkenyi, CUB Animation
    Country: Hungary

    Nut Cake           
    Directed by Meinardas Valkevicius
    Producer: Akvile Bliujute – Januse, JSC Meinart
    Country: Lithuania

    Patrick in Town    
    Directed by Eszter Sandor, Valentina Huckova
    Producer: Valentina Huckova, Young Glass Noodle
    Country: Slovakia

    Sivužas (working title)                                     
    Directed by Ignas Meilunas
    Producer: Juste Beniusyte, Vilniaus Primavera
    Country: Lithuania

    Sugar, Blood & Insulin. Diary of a Type 1 Diabetic          
    Directed by Thijs Koole
    Producer: Diana Hentulescu, Moukda Production
    Country: France

    Directed by Misia Mormina
    Producer: Engin Karabagli, Emegro B.V.
    Country: Netherlands


    Finding Frida   
    Directed by Hilde Kristin Kjøs
    Producer: Bjørn-Morten Nerland, Stargate Media AS
    Country: Norway

    Fruits on the Tube        
    Directed by Klaas-Harm de Boer
    Producer: Vincent Lindenboom, Next Empire BV
    Country: Netherlands

    Directed by Maarten Isaak de Heer
    Producer: Maartem Isaak de Heer, Menetekel Film
    Country: Netherlands


    Beyond the Face      
    Directed by Anja Resman
    Producer: Bostjan Potokar, School of Arts - University of Nova Gorica
    Country: Slovenia

    Desire to Win     
    Directed by Michaela Rezova        
    Producer: Zuzana Bukovinska, Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague
    Country: Czech Republic

    Directed by Alzbeta Macakova Misejkova
    Producer: Jiri Pecinovsky, Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – FAMU
    Country: Czech Republic

    Directed by Sofiya Kruglikova
    Producer: Academy of Fine Arts and Design - University of Ljubljana
    Country: Slovenia

    Directed by Miha Reja
    Producer: Bostjan Potokar, School of Arts - University of Nova Gorica
    Country: Slovenia

    Light Year Apart       
    Directed by Viktoria Taranova
    Producer: Michaela Cermakova, Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of the Performing Arts – VŠMU
    Country: Slovakia

    Orange You Glad             
    Directed by Daniel Sterlin-Altman
    Producer: Daniel Sterlin-Altman, Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
    Country: Germany

    Directed by Ema Nemcovicova
    Producer: Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of the Performing Arts – VŠMU
    Country: Slovakia        

    The Last Drop 
    Directed by Anna Tokes
    Producer: Jozsef Fulop, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest – MOME
    Country: Hungary

    The Perfect Gift      
    Directed by Kristina Penava
    Producer: The Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek
    Country: Croatia