PRODUCTION: Jan Svěrák Shoots New Film Bethlehem Light


    PRAGUE: Oscar winning Czech director Jan Svěrák is currently in production with the comedy Bethlehem Light, based on three stories written by his father Zdeněk Svěrák, who also stars alongside Daniela Kolářová.

    The new collaboration between father and son started shooting in March 2021 and will wrap in May 2021. The shooting is taking place mostly in Prague.

    The cast includes Jitka Čvančarová, Ondřej Vetchý, Tereza Ramba and Vojtěch Kotek.

    Biograf Jan Svěrák is producing in coproduction with the Czech Television. The Czech Film Fund supported the project.

    Bioscop will release the film in Czech cinemas in 2022.

    Production Information:

    Jan Sverak, credit: BiografProducer:
    Biograf Jan Svěrák (Czech Republic)
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    Director: Jan Svěrák
    Scriptwriter: Jan Svěrák
    DoP: Vladimir Smutny
    Cast: Zdeněk Svěrák, Jitka Čvančarová, Ondřej Vetchý, Tereza Ramba, Vojtěch Kotek