Filmmakers Can Apply for dok.incubator Workshops Starting on 15 December

By dok.incubator

    dok.incubator invites editors, directors and producers to a six–month long workshop, focused on filmmakers’ professional development and giving you access to top internationally-experienced tutors. Find out more here about dok.incubator and our work.

    If you have any questions regarding the workshop call the office: +420 224 241 046 or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to set up an online meeting to discuss your project, please email Andrea Laciaková: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    For the 2022 dok.incubator 11th season we are prepared for both online and/or residential format of the workshops, the actual program will be realized according to the development of COVID-19 pandemia.

    Please note, that to apply you will need:

    Audiovisual materials:

    • An English-subtitled rough cut of your film or a selection of edited scenes with a length of 40 – 90 minutes (max. 2GB, supported formats include MP4, AVI, MOV); an additional edited pilot/trailer/teaser of the film is an advantage
    • Link to director’s previous film
    • Link to editor’s previous film – preferably documentary feature (only the main editor’s work will be accepted)
    • Three high-resolution stills from your film

    Information about the project:

    • Short synopsis (max. 1600 characters)
    • Film treatment based on the shot material (max. 3000 characters)
    • Motivation letters from all the team members: director, editor and producer
    • Rough distribution strategy, including the estimated premiere time and place
    • Financing plan of the film (with specified confirmed/non-confirmed funding)
    • Portrait photo of the director, editor and producer (high-resolution), their short CVs and contact details

    Be aware that all three team members – director, editor and producer – must be available to participate in three one-week online/hybrid/residential sessions in April, June and September. You cannot apply without an editor. Please book your editor in advance: for an editing period between the 1st and 2nd workshop, and for another between the 2nd and 3rd workshops. Please note that all the participants must be able to work in English.

    The editing rooms are fully equipped except for the computer – you need to bring your own laptop together with a storage device containing all the footage.

    You will attend three one-week online/hybrid/residential sessions at different project development stages (the exact dates and locations will be confirmed later):

    • 1st session / April 2022 // ROUGH CUT
    • 2nd session / June 2022 // FINE CUT
    • 3rd session / September 2022 // NEAR PICTURE LOCK

    Format of the workshops can change according to the actual COVID-19 situation.

    The arrival at the workshop is always a day before its start and the departure the day after it ends.

    All non-English visual materials must be subtitled in English (it does not have to be a perfect translation, but it should make the storyline understandable to the viewer). We also recommend that English-speaking films should be subtitled (to avoid misunderstandings due to sound quality or regional accents).

      • During the selection, the film projects are considered primarily on the basis of your uploaded material. Your trailer and synopsis help us, but your audiovisual material is the most important factor in our decision.
      • You are competing against projects in the rough cut stage with a structured “film architecture”, so please be careful that your scenes are well selected and sorted, and show the main arch of the film’s story, its main conflict, and the richness of your material. Please think about the order of the scenes and how you guide the viewer through the story.
      • We need to know that you have very good access to your characters, so please don’t forget to include scenes where your characters are intimate/honest/revealing in front of the camera.

    We guarantee to keep the rough-cut version you send us strictly confidential and only to share it with the selection committee for the selection purposes.

    For detailed information about the workshop programme please click here. Before you apply, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Interested in applying without a project as an observer? Please click here