Czech Fairy Tale Tops Box Office in First Quarter of 2022

    Bethlehem Light by Jan Sverak Bethlehem Light by Jan Sverak

    PRAGUE: The Czech Box Office number one hit in 2022 so far is the children fairytale The Secret of an Old Pistol 2 / Tajemství staré bambitky 2, directed by Ivo Macharácek, produced by Fairytale Production in coproduction with the Czech Television and Innogy. The film released by Bioscop on 3 February 2022 had 315,000 admissions in six weeks.

    Other Czech releases with more than 100,000 admissions are the comedies The Heart in the Open Hand / Srdce na dlani by Martin Horský, coproduced by Infinity Prague and Innogy, and released by Cinemart on 20 January 2022, with 174,618 admissions, and The Extraordinary Incident / Mimořádná událost by Jiří Havelka, produced by Elekta Prague and released by Cinemart on 3 February 2022, with 103,645 admissions.

    Oscar winning Czech director Jan Svěrák's latest film Bethlehem Light starring his father Czech actor Zdeněk, who also wrote the script, opened on 10 March 2022 with 28,525 admissions on its opening weekend. Produced by Biograf Jan Svěrák and distributed by Bioscop the film has scored 61,941 admissions in Czech Republic to date.

    Bethlehem Light had extremely strong competitors in The Batman, which had 85,000 admissions in the first week and nearly 190,000 admissions so far, and Spider-Man: No Way Home with 670,500 admissions in 15 weeks. Michael Bay´s Ambulance flopped totally in Czech cinemas with 5,885 admissions.

    The Last Race / Poslední závod by Tomáš Hodan, produced by Punk Film and released by Bontonfilm on 24 March 2022, had only 28,700 admissions in its first week.

    Twelve Czech films have been released between January and March 2022, besides the aforementioned titles being long documentaries, art films or revival premieres with very low admissions.