FNE at Cannes 2022: Czech Cinema in Cannes

By Czech Film Center
    Butterfly Vision by Maksym Nakonechnyi Butterfly Vision by Maksym Nakonechnyi

    Czech co-production Butterfly Vision to premiere in Cannes - Maksym Nakonechnyi's feature film debut is set to world-premiere in the Un Certain Regard competition, a part of Official Selection of Festival de Cannes (17 - 28 May). Butterfly Vision, a story about hope and humanity in the most hopeless conditions, was made in co-production of Ukraine, Czech Republic, Croatia and Sweden has been co-produced by Dagmar Sedláčková of MasterFilm on the Czech side. Moreover, the soundtrack was composed by Czech scriptwriter and musician Džian Baban.

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    Un Certain Regard

    World Premiere

    Butterfly Vision, directed by first-time director Maksym Nakonechnyi, tells a compelling story of Lilia, who was for months held as a prisoner of war, and now she struggles to resume her life in Ukraine as a soldier and wife. It is a harsh and surreal tale about a victim who simply refuses to be identified as one.

    The film has been produced by Yelizaveta Smith and Darya Bassel from Tabor (Ukraine) with Dagmar Sedláčková from MasterFilm (Czech Republic), Anika Juka from 4 Film (Croatia) and Mario Adamson & Sergio C. Ayala from Sisyfos Film Production (Sweden) acting as co-producers. Butterfly Vision has been supported by the Czech Film Fund with amount of 108,000 EUR.