PRODUCTION: Czech Author Jan Budař In Postproduction with Debut Feature Prince Mamma’s Boy

    Jana Nagyova and Jan Budar in Prince Mamma’s Boy by Jan Budař Jana Nagyova and Jan Budar in Prince Mamma’s Boy by Jan Budař

    PRAGUE: Czech actor/director/screenwriter/composer Jan Budař is in postproduction with the fairytale Prince Mamma’s Boy / Princ Mamánek. This 100% Czech coproduction is the first feature film by Budař as a director.

    Prince Mamma’s Boy is the story of a somewhat mature “noble blood” Prince Ludvík Otomar Karel XII (Jan Budař), who has since childhood been strongly dependent on his loving mother (Jana Nagyová). The prince lives in a castle in the midst of luxury and wealth, idles away his time through a wide range of pass-times, and wonders what it would feel like to be a king. His father, King Radomil (Martin Huba), considers the future government of his son with no little trepidation. Prince Ludvík has never in his life been outside the kingdom, shown any interest in marriage, has only ever held a wooden sword and has phobias of horses, insects, hay, the dark and who knows what else.

    “Initiation, courage, support from man to man, these are topics that are still current and in the fairytale can be an inspiration not only for new generations of children, but also for adults. The fairytale world does not age and inspires at all times. Prince Mamma’s Boy is visually interesting, with beautiful locations and a great cast”, Jan Budař told FNE.

    The main actors are Jana Nagyová, Jan Budař, Veronika Khek Kubařová and Ondřej Vetchý.

    Jan Budař is producing in coproduction with Jakub Červenka from Bedna films and the Czech Television, which contributed with 280,000 EUR.The project is supported by the Czech Film Fund with 160,000 EUR, the South Moravian Film Fund with 40,000 EUR, and Dětenice Resort with 80,000 EUR. The total budget is 800,000 EUR.

    Shooting took place in September and October 2021 throughout 20 shooting days in Dětenice, South Moravia, Bohemian Paradise.

    The estimated date of completion of the film is September 2022.

    Jan Budař started his career in Brno's theatres under the tutelage of theatre director Vladimír Morávek. This creative partnership led to their first film, Boredom in Brno / Nuda v Brne (produced by Prni Verejnopravni), for which Budař also co-authored the script and composed the music. The comedy was awarded five Czech Lions in 2003, including Best Leading Actor award for Jan Budař.

    Production Information:

    Jan Budař - Budhar Film (Czech Republic)
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    Czech Television (Czech Republic)
    Bedna films (Czech Republic)

    Director: Jan Budař
    Scriptwriter: Jan Budař
    Cast: Jana Nagyová, Jan Budař, Veronika Khek Kubařová, Ondřej Vetchý, Vladimír Javorský, Bolek Polívka, Veronika Daušová, Kateřina Antošová