FESTIVALS: KVIFF Eastern Promises Announces Selected Projects

    FESTIVALS: KVIFF Eastern Promises Announces Selected Projects credit: Film Servis Festival Karlovy Vary

    KARLOVY VARY: A total of 35 projects have been selected for the Eastern Promises industry platform of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, whose 56th edition will take place 1-9 July 2022.

    Projects from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania and Bulgaria, i.a. will be showcased in Works in Progress on 4 July 2022.

    Works in Development – Feature Launch will showcase projects from Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria, among others, on the same day.

    First Cut+ will present one Polish minority coproduction on 5 July 2022, while Macedonian, Latvian and Romanian minority coproductions are among the projects selected for Odesa International Film Festival Works in Progress (5 July 2022).

    All the projects are competing for awards totalling 125,000 EUR.  

    Works in Progress 2022 Selected Projects:

    Brutal Heat / Brutální vedro (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Albert Hospodářský
    Produced by nutprodukce
    Coproduced by Punkchart films

    Elephant / Słoń (Poland)
    Directed by Kamil Krawczycki
    Produced by Tongariro Releasing
    Endless Summer Syndrome / Le syndrome de l'été infini (Turkey, France)
    Directed by Kaveh Daneshmand

    Machtat (Lebanon, Tunisia, France, Qatar)
    Directed by Sonia Ben Slama
    Part of Society (Georgia)
    Directed by Rati Tsiteladze
    Produced by Artway Film
    Self Portrait along the Borderline / Avtoportreti Zghvarze (Georgia)
    Directed by Anna Dziapshipa
    Produced by Sakdoc Film
    The Burdened / Al Murhaqoon (Yemen, Sudan)
    Directed by Amr Gamal
    The Ice That Still Supports Us (Estonia, Lithuania)
    Directed by Arko Okk
    Produced by ACUBA FILM
    Coproduced by Ketvirta versija
    The Visitors / Návštěvníci (Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia)
    Directed by Veronika Lišková
    Produced by Cinémotif Films
    Coproduced by The Thousand Images, Peter Kerekes Film www.kerekesfilm.com
    Windless / Bezvetrie (Bulgaria, Italy)
    Directed by Pavel G. Vesnakov
    Produced by Red Carpet  

    Works in Development – Feature Launch 2022 Selected Projects:

    All My Friends Soon Will Be Dead / Visi mani draugi drīz būs miruši (Latvia)
    Directed by Armands Zacs
    Produced by White Picture
    Dolphin / Delfin (Poland)
    Directed by Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska
    Produced by Before My Eyes
    The First Week of August / Prvi tjedan u kolovozu (Croatia)
    Directed by Filip Mojzeš
    Produced by Castor Multimedia
    A Flower Is Not a Flower / O floare nu e o floare (Romania)
    Directed by Cristian Pascariu
    Produced by Point Film
    My Best Friend's Baby / Min bästa vans bebis (Sweden)
    Directed by Sophie Vuković
    My Name Is Lily (Cyprus)
    Directed by Yianna Americanou
    Produced by Meraki Films
    Side by Side / Vedle sebe (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Kilián Vrátník
    Produced by Unit and Sofa Praha
    Twentyseven / Dvadsaťsedem (Slovakia)
    Directed by Gregor Valentovič
    Produced by MPhilms www.mphilms.sk
    You Better Be (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Magdelena Ilieva, Jonathan Heidelberger
    Produced by Little Wing Productions Ltd.

    First Cut+ Works in Progress 2022 Selected Projects:

    Charcoal (When My LIfe) / Carvão (Quando Minha Vida) (Brazil, Argentina)
    Directed by Carolina Markowicz
    Goldfish (United Kingdom, USA, India)
    Directed by Pushan Kripalani
    I Love You More (Kosovo, Albania)
    Directed by Erblin Nushi
    The Maiden (Canada, USA)
    Directed by Graham Foy
    Night Detour / Desvío de noche (Canada)
    Directed by Ariane Falardeau St-Amour, Paul Chotel

    Norwegian Dream (Norway, Poland, Germany)
    Directed by Leiv Igor Devold
    Produced by Spaett film
    The Territory / Bölge (Turkey)
    Directed by Mesut Keklik
    Under the Naked Sky / Onder de blote hemel (the Netherlands, Belgium)
    Directed by Lilian Sijbesma

    Odesa International Film Festival Works in Progress 2022 Selected Projects:

    Chrysanthemum Day / Svâto Xryzantem (Ukraine, North Macedonia)
    Directed by Simon Mozgovyi
    Company of Steel / Zalizna Sotnya (Ukraine, Latvia)
    Directed by Yuliia Hontaruk
    Produced by #Babylon'13
    Coproduced by VFS Films
    Demons / Demony (Ukraine)
    Directed by Natalka Vorozhbyt
    Diagnosis: Dissent / BožeViĺni (Ukraine)
    Directed by Denys Tarasov
    Do You Love Me? / Ty mene ĺubyš? (Ukraine)
    Directed by Tonia Noyabrova
    The Glass House / Dim za sklom (Ukraine, Romania)
    Directed by Taras Dron
    U Are the Universe / Ty – Kosmos (Ukraine)
    Directed by Pavlo Ostrikov
    When We Were 15 / Koly nam bulo 15 (Ukraine)
    Directed by Anna Buryachkova

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