FNE at KVIFF 2022: Albert Hospodářský in Production with Czech/Slovak Road Film Brutal Heat

    Brutal Heat by Albert Hospodářský Brutal Heat by Albert Hospodářský

    KARLOVY VARY: Czech director/writer/producer Albert Hospodářský is currently in production with his debut feature, the Czech/Slovak coproduction Brutal Heat / Brutální vedro. The film participated in the Eastern Promises – Works in Progress within the 56th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (1 – 9 July 2022).

    Vincek (19) is paralysed by both his stagnant youth and a cosmic threat that leaves the whole world searching for answers. Persuaded by his friend, he decides to leave the smouldering-hot city and head for a cottage where his friends are sheltered for the summer. What should have been an easy ride turns into a condensed initiation process.

    “The main character of the film hasn’t found the courage to start living yet. Thanks to technology, he can be anyone, anywhere in the world and that’s why he lacks the motivation to fight for his individuality. In the modern world we no longer have to battle external problems. We fight what’s inside, unsatisfied, untamable and unseen by everyone around us”, Albert Hospodářský said in a statement.

    The main characters are played by Vincent Hospodářský, Milan Mikulčík, Zdeňka Petrová and Václav Kopelec.

    The film is produced by Ondřej Lukeš and Lukáš Kokeš through Nutprodukce (Czech Republic) and coproduced by Katarína Tomková and Ivan Ostrochovský through Slovak Punkchart films. The project received support of 160,000 EUR from the Czech Film Fund in 2020, as well as 80,000 EUR from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund in 2021.

    FAMU, from which the main crew members (including one producer and the director) graduated, is also coproducing.”FAMU contributed both financially and with in-kind services. The film was also supported by the Pardubice Region and the city of Pardubice, where it was partly shot. Our company Nutprodukce participated in the production with its own producer’s investment. Partners from Arri Rental Prague, Panalux, Bystrouska, RUR Postproduction and BEEP Studio also helped us a great deal", Ondřej Lukeš told FNE.

    The total budget is 400,000 EUR / 10 m CZK.

    The principal photography started on 26 July 2021 and wrapped on 6 September 2021. “After that we’ve had several additional shooting days with a very limited crew. The last one took place in February 2022. The film should be finished in August/September 2022. We would like to plan the festival strategy carefully together with an experienced sales agent”, Lukeš also said.

    "KVIFF opened up a great opportunity for us to present Brutal Heat among Works in Progress and also to participate in the First Cut Lab programme, which we will be attending in the next few days. We especially wanted to get the word out about our film, which is nearing completion. Thanks to Eastern Promises, we had interesting meetings and got important feedback. Now we will continue to work on how to effectively bring Brutal Heat to its audiences,” Ondřej Lukeš added.

    Albert Hospodářský was born in 1996. During his studies at FAMU, in the Department of Documentary Film, he realised he was interested in both documentary and fiction filmmaking, and that he would like to pursue both genres. Over the last three years, he has made several short films, both documentary and fiction. One of them, Nekyia: An Inner Portrait of the Poet Hradecky competed at Ji.hlava IDFF 2019. He also writes short stories and film scripts.

    Production Information:

    Nutprodukce (Czech Republic)
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    Lukáš Kokeš: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Ondřej Lukeš: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Punkchart films (Slovakia)
    FAMU (Czech Republic)

    Director: Albert Hospodářský
    Scriptwriter: Albert Hospodářský
    DoP: Tomáš Uhlík
    Music: Jan Tomáš
    Cast: Vincent Hospodářský, Milan Mikulčík, Zdeňka Petrová, Václav Kopelec