FESTIVALS: EKOFILM 2022 Ready to Kick Off


    BRNO: A total of 25 films, selected from among 243 entries, are competing in the 48th edition of the EKOFILM International Film Festival, which will take place in Brno, the Czech Republic, from 12 to 15 October 2022.

    Most of the films in competition are from Germany and the Czech Republic (four titles each).

    The competition sections are Beauty of Nature, Central European Films and Short Films. Any of the films in competition can win one of the other awards: the Main Award of the Minister of the Environment for the best film and the President's Award of the Festival.

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    Competition Programme:

    Beauty of Nature Competition:

    Finite: The Climate of Change (UK)
    Directed by Rich Felgate

    Drops Give Life (Iran)
    Directed by Farshid Azari

    Namaste Himalaya – How a Village in Nepal Opened the World to Us (Germany)
    Directed by Anna Baranowski, Michael Moritz

    Shepherds of the Earth (Finland)
    Directed by Iiris Härmä

    After Nature (Denmark)
    Directed by Esther Elmholt

    Incendios (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Martin Trabalik, Geraldine Zambrana Velez

    Central European Film Competition:

    It Begins (Switzerland)
    Directed by Frédéric Choffat

    Generation Change. Who Saves the World? (Austria)
    Directed by Vanessa Böttcher

    The Landscape of Logistic Warehouses (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Katerina Korinková

    The Recycling Myth (Germany)
    Directed by Tom Costello, Benedict Wermter

    Ode to Nature (Germany)
    Directed by Jan Haft

    The Unrelenting: Under the Surface (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Josef Heřmánek

    The Climate Dropouts – Life without Electricity and Running Water (Germany)
    Directed by Juliane Tutein

    Uprooted (Germany, Hungary)
    Directed by Bálint Révész

    Short Films Competition:

    Memories of Trees. Queñoa, the Tree from the Heights (Chile)
    Directed by Santiago Luis Serrano

    Speck (Italy)
    Directed by Martina Scalini

    Murmur (Austria)
    Directed by Katarina Pichler

    Silent Threats: Disappearing Soil (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Martina Spurná

    The Trash Mob and Burning Landfill Sites (Poland)
    Directed by Maciej Kuciel

    In Too Deep – The True Cost of the Deep Sea Mining (the Netherlands)
    Directed by Maarten van Rouveroy

    Trapped by Plastic (Belgium)
    Directed by Anny Tubbs

    Feeling the Apocalypse (Canada)
    Directed by Chen Sing Yap

    Once There Was a Sea... (Slovakia)
    Directed by Joanna Kozuch

    Hope Restored (the Netherlands)
    Directed by Maarten van Rouveroy

    The Sanctuary (Australia)
    Directed by Timothy Raymond Brown, Michael Bruce Portway

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