BOX OFFICE: Prince Mamma’s Boy Tops Czech Charts in Its First Weekend

    Princ Mamánek by Jan Budař Princ Mamánek by Jan Budař credit: Budhar Film

    PRAGUE: Czech fairytale Prince Mamma’s Boy / Princ Mamánek by Jan Budař overtook the superhero film Black Adam (21,924 admissions), with 41,535 admissions and 250,006 EUR / 6,126,409 CZK gross in its opening weekend.

    Prince Mamma’s Boy, which is based on Jan Budař's bestseller and is Budař's first feature film as a director, was released by Bontonfilm in 229 Czech cinemas on 27 October 2022.

    The film was produced by Budhar Film. Jan Budař wrote and produced the film, and he also composed the music and played the main character. The film was supported by the Czech Film Fund.

    The most successful Czech film during its opening weekend in 2022 is another fairytale. The Secret of an Old Pistol 2 / Tajemství staré bambitky 2 directed by Radovan Vašák, produced by Fairytale Production s.r.o., in coproduction with the Czech Television, and released by Bioscop on 10 February 2022, had 89,791 admissions and 2,248 235 EUR / 55,092,991 CZK gross during its first weekend. As the fairytales are a popular genre in the Czech Republic, the film stayed in the Top 20 for 26 weekends.