Czech Kino Pilotu Wins Best Programming at 2022 Europa Cinemas Awards

    Awards for Kino Pilotu and Kino Lumiere Awards for Kino Pilotu and Kino Lumiere credit: Europa Cinemas

    PARIS: The Czech Kino Pilotu took the top prize for Best Programming at the 2022 Europa Cinemas Awards, which were presented in Paris during an awards ceremony at the Cinéma le Balzac. The Prague cinema is managed by Jan Macola and Alzbeta Macolova. The Entrepreneur of the Year award went to Alexander Vandeputte and Jan De Clercq of the Lumière Cinemas, Belgium.

    The awards were given out as part of the 2nd Europa Cinemas Network Conference in Paris 1-4 Dec 2022.  Around 600 professionals including exhibitors, distributors, producers and sales agents from all over Europe attended the event, which marked the 30th anniversary of the Europa Cinemas Network.  

    After the shock of the pandemic and a COVID-powered boom in audiences for streaming platforms, the conference stressed renewal based core values. As the organisers stressed cinemas are social spaces and business enterprises, creating jobs, embracing a range of skills, from business management to marketing, as well as projection, social media, data analysis.

    An average of 60% of screenings of non-national European films take place in the Europa Cinemas network. The network is critical to the economy for sales and distribution, and producers and directors want their films seen on the big screen.

    More of the latest statistics on Europa Cinemas members can be found on the Europa Cinemas website: www.europa-cinemas.org