BOX OFFICE: Admissions and Gross BO Increase in Czech Republic after Two Years of Pandemic

    Vyšehrad: Fylm directed by Martin Kopp and Jakub Štáfek Vyšehrad: Fylm directed by Martin Kopp and Jakub Štáfek credit: Gangbang production

    PRAGUE: In 2022, Czech cinemas were open for a full 12-month period for the first time in three years. They gathered 13.5 m admissions, which is more than in the previous two pandemic years combined, according to the Union of Film Distributors (Unie filmových distributorů).

    The general box office was over 88.2 m EUR / 2.1 billion CZK in 2022, with a 114% increase compared to 2020 and 90% increase compared to 2021.

    According to the numbers from the pre-pandemic year 2019, admissions decreased by approximately 26% as 2019 was considered the absolute peak for Czech cinemas with 18.3 m admissions. The year 2022 is comparable with 2015, when total admissions were around 13 m.

    The total gross of 88.2 m EUR / 2.1 billion CZK is roughly at the level of 2017 due to a significant increase in the average ticket price. Currently the average ticket price is 6.59 EUR / 157 CZK, compared to 6 EUR / 143 CZK before the pandemic.

    The most successful Czech film in 2022 was Vyšehrad: Fylm, directed by Martin Kopp and Jakub Štáfek, produced by Gangbang production and distributed by Bioscop. The film is 4th in the general charts with 692,000 admissions and 4,534,005 EUR / 108 m CZK gross.

    The most expensive film in the Czech history, Medieval / Jan Žižka directed by Petr Jákl, produced by JBJ films and released by Bioscop, was far from covering its budget of around 20.366 m EUR / 0.5 billion CZK, as it cashed in 2,308,984 EUR/ 55 m CZK gross from 351,000 admissions.