BOX OFFICE: Two Domestic Films in Czech Top Ten 2023

    ONEMANSHOW: The Movie by Andy Fehu and Kazma Kazmitch ONEMANSHOW: The Movie by Andy Fehu and Kazma Kazmitch credit: ONEMANSHOW PRODUCTION

    PRAGUE: Domestic comedies ONEMANSHOW: The Movie and The Island / Ostrov finished the year 2023 in the third and ninth place respectively in the Czech charts.

    ONEMANSHOW: The Movie directed by Andy Fehu and Kazma Kazmitch, and produced by ONEMANSHOW PRODUCTION, took the third place with 545,617 admissions and 4 m EUR / 100,708,108 CZK gross.

    The Island / Ostrov directed by Rudolf Havlík and produced by Logline Production had 332,589 admissions and 2.1 m EUR / 54,125,704 CZK gross.

    According to the data published by the Czech Union of Film Distributors, domestic cinemas sold about 13.3 million tickets last year, which is a decrease of 1.18 percent compared to 2022.

    Revenues were up seven percent to 91.9 m EUR / 2.275 billion CZK gross.

    The average price of a cinema ticket was 6.91 EUR / 171 CZK, compared with 6.35 EUR / 157 CZK the year before.