Borgia begins filming in Czech Republic


    Beta Films announced the start of shooting of the 12-part mini-series Borgia in Prague on 4 October 2010. With a budget of 25 million Euros, the production will be the most expensive European mini-series to date.

    Filming takes place in the Renaissance-era UNESCO World Heritage town of Telc as well as at Barrandov Studios (www.barrandov.cz). Production services are handled by Prague based Etic Films company (www.etic.cz). The series, filmed in 52-minute episodes, is produced by Atlantique Production/EOS and Canal +, with Beta Film handling international distribution of the English-language production.

    Borgia is written and produced by Tom Fontana and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The production stars John Doman as Rodrigo Borgia, and his daughter Lucrezia is played by 17-year-old Isolda Dychauk. The cast included Stanley Weber, Mark Ryder, Andrea Sawatzki, Udo Kier, Assumpta Serna, and Marta Gastani.