Czech Film Critics Awards Established

By Irena Zemanová

Czech film journalists, critics, reviewers and film publicists have established their own national film awards. The awards are ofganized by the Czech Film Chamber (www.filmovakomora.cz).

First Annual Czech Film Critics Awards will take place on 13 January 2011, Helena Uldrychová of Czech film Chamber announced. Nomination for 2010 will be announced on 17 December.

More than 50 critics will choose the best movie, best director, best actors in leading and supporting role, best screenplay, best music and the best cinematography. The thirteen categories also include best documentary and the best animation movie.

For over 17 years, the Czech Lions organized by the Czech Film and Television Academy (www.cfta.cz) has been the most prestigious film award in the Czech Republic.

"We are not trying to compete with the Czech Lions, which are deeply respected as the film professionals awards. But we do believe that there also should be a platform for film journalists, who monitor the latest production seriously and judge objectively from their point of view," Uldrychová said.

She added that it is usual to have two main film awards within a country, comparing it to American Film Academy´s Oscars and the Golden Globes, awarded by the foreign press journalists association in Hollywood. Like the Golden Globes, the Czech Film Critics Awards ceremony will take place in January, befpre the Czech Lions, set for 5 March 2011.

Petr Vachler, president of Czech Film and Television Academy, is open for possible cooperation with the Czech Film Critics Awards. "After years and years of a hard work on our project I dont really think we should change anything just because a new award has showed up. The most important is to promote Czech film," Vachler said.