PRODUCTION: A Night Too Young Goes into Postproduction

By Cathy Meils

    PRAGUE: Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu wrapped the shoot on the Czech-Slovenian feature film A Night Too Young (Prilis mlada noc) in late May, and the film has now moved into the postproduction phase. Producer Jiri Konecny told FNE that the film, which will be a low-budget production coming in at under 200,000 euros, will be released in early 2012.

    The story follows the adventures of two adolescent boys on the first day of the New Year, when they meet their school teacher and her two male friends, ending up in her flat where the youngsters are initiated into adulthood. The director frames it as "an allegory," and Konecny notes it will be "a youth film, but about adult issues." The debut feature film is the graduation work of Omerzu, who studied at Prague's renowned FAMU film school. The crew will be composed primarily of unpaid students.

    A Night Too Young is produced by Konecny's company endorfilm (www.endorfilm.cz) and coproduced by Ondrej Sejnoha for Studio FAMU (www.famu.cz) and Slovenian producer Franci Zajc of Ars Media (arsmedia.si).

    The script was written by Bruno Hajek, Jakub Felcman, and Omerzu, after a story by Hajek.


    Director: Olmo Omerzu

    Script: Bruno Hajek, Jakub Felcman, Olmo Omerzu

    Director of Photography: Lukas Milota

    Editor: Janka Vlckova

    Sound: Ladislav Greiner

    Music: Petr Marek

    Set Designer: Jan Kalous

    Producer: Jiri Konecny

    Coproducers: Ondrej Sejnoha (Studio FAMU), Franci Zajc (Ars Media, Slovenia)

    Production Contact:


    Primeticka 4

    140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

    Tel: +420 241 730 780; +420 602 358 373

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.