PRODUCTION: The Land of Love in Postproduction

By Iulia Blaga

    TALLINN: Liivo Niglas is in post-production with The Land of Love, his second documentary (after Yuri Vella's World) featuring the Siberian indigenous reindeer herder, writer and activist Yuri Vella, who fights for a piece of land where his reindeers go to couple in autumn.


    "Lukoil, the giant oil company, wants to extract oil from this land in future (right now it is used by the company's hunting society). Yuri Vella's ‘guerilla' tactics against the oil people include car chasing, the use of video camera and access to Internet as well as sending his poetry books to the state and local authorities," the director told FNE.

    Armastuse maa/The Land of Love was shot in Western Siberia, Russia between July and October 2009. It is an independent Estonian production by Niglas and his company mp Doc, made with a budget of 25,000 euro. Niglas wrote the script, shot the film, and is editing it together with Marju Juhkum. The premiere is set for 2012.

    Niglas has made documentaries in Siberia, Africa, Central Asia and North America. His films have won numerous awards. His films include: The Brigade (2000), Yuri Vella's World (2003), Adventure High (2004), Making Rain (2007), Fish On! (2008), and Itelmen Stories (2010).

    Production Information

    mp doc OÜ

    Pärnaõie tee 3 Tallinn

    11914, Estonia

    Mobile phone: +3725200874

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    Director: Liivo Niglas

    Script: Liivo Niglas

    Editor: Liivo Niglas

    Marju Juhkum