PRODUCTION: Cherry Tobacco Shooting in Estonia

    Director Katrin Maimik Director Katrin Maimik

    TALLINN: Katrin Maimik’s coming-of-age debut film Cherry Tobacco (Kirsitubakas), written by Andres Maimik, is shooting in Estonian locations through October. It builds on the latter's previous hit comedy Kormoranid. Tobacco is produced by Kuukulgur Film, which previously released Daisy Petal Game II (Karikakramäng II), a shorts omnibus including films by the duo.

    Tobacco recounts a small town girl's endeavors to escape her suffocating routine by heading off into the wilds with a friend and a middle-aged nature-lover. Things quickly go awry but may promise a solution to the girl's dilemma. The project is funded by the Estonian Film Institute and the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

    The cast includes Maris Nõlvak, Gert Raudsep, Getter Meresmaa, Anne Reemann, Viiu Maimik, Aap Salumets, Tiina Kadarpik and Andres Kütt. Premiere is planned for autumn 2014.
    Production information

    Director: Katrin Maimik
    Script: Andres Maimik

    Kuukulgur Film
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