PRODUCTION: Keedus in Production with Three-Part Feature


    TALLINN: Sulev Keedus is shooting The Husband Slayer. The Virgin. The Shadow. (Mehetapja süütu vari), scheduled to be completed in autumn 2015.

    Keedus has finished the first shooting period on the feature film consisting of three short stories taking place in three different times: the mid-19th century, the 1940’s and present day. "The three stories finally reach the same point in space and time, carrying a message about the power of the myth," the film’s producer Kaie-Ene Rääk told FNE.

    The female lead in all these stories is played by Rea Lest. In The Husband Slayer we see her as a bride in a ritualistic wedding, thick with ancient beliefs and spiritualism, inspired by Nordic mythology and the Estonian Regilaul chanting tradition. The Virgin brings us to 1947, when a young bride consummates a fake marriage in order to avoid deportation to Siberia. The Shadow’s protagonist witnesses a row between a jobless actor and his wife. In her quest for absolution, it is unclear if the local pastor Teofilos is able to offer her relief, or she has to figure it out herself.

    The 600,000 EUR film is produced by the Estonian production company F-Seitse with funding from the Estonian Film Institute, the Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Ministry of Culture, and East-Virumaa regional fund (Viru Film Fund).

    Shooting began in September 2013, with the second shooting period is planned for spring 2014. The film is scheduled to be released in 2015.


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