Bank Wins Estonia’s 100 TV Series Competition


    TALLINN: Bank written by Eero Epner and Tarmo Jüristo has won the Estonian Republic 100 TV series competition held to mark Estonia’s 100th anniversary.

    Bank, which will run as a ten-part TV series on Estonian TV in autumn 2018, is based on real life events set in the turbulent 1990’s in Estonia, unfolding as a personal drama that forces the characters to reevaluate exchange rates at the same time as they must reevaluate their personal value systems.

    The head of the Estonian Film Institute Edith Sepp said that the Estonian Republic 100 competition was a completely new endeavor for the Estonian Film Institute which co-organised the competition. “The competition included an almost year-long television drama writing workshop run by Frans Baunsgaard and Steen Bille from Denmark,” she said. “Thanks to the long development period and the serious commitment from the authors, the four final projects were enjoyable, unique and bold stories.”

    The competition was launched in November of 2014, when 27 ideas were submitted. Four projects were chosen for the next round, with each receiving 5000 EUR for script development and the opportunity to develop their projects during the television series workshop. The finalists presented scripts for the first three episodes and treatments for the rest of their series in September. The winning film receives development support of 60,000 EUR, with development lasting until summer 2017.