Estonian Viewers as Top European Cinemagoers Appreciate Domestic Film

    Class Reunion by Rene Vilbre Class Reunion by Rene Vilbre

    TALLINN: Estonia was one of the top countries in Europe for cinema attendance per capita in 2016 with 2.5 cinema visits per person. France and Ireland led the pack in 2015 with 3.3 attendance per capita.

    The domestic comedy Class Reunion by Rene Vilbre (Taska Film) topped the 2016 box office chart, confirming a steady increase of audience interest in domestic film over the past few years.

    "I'm pleased to say the yearly cinema visits per capita in tiny Estonia was 2.5, which makes Estonia one of the highest-attending countries in Europe", Edith Sepp, Head of Estonian Film Institute said.

    In 2016 total admissions were 3.29 million with a total box office gross of 17.77 m EUR, resulting in a double digit market share for domestic films for the second consecutive year in a row.

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