PRODUCTION: Tom Prior Stars in Estonian Feature Debut Firebird

    Firebird by Peeter Rebane Firebird by Peeter Rebane credit: The Factory

    TALLINN: Estonian director Peeter Rebane started shooting his first feature film Firebird, starring Tom Prior, at the end of September 2018. Shooting will last throughout October mostly in the northeastern part of Estonia, Ida-Virumaa.

    Firebird is a Cold War thriller. The story takes place in the 1970’s Soviet Air Force and follows a forbidden love triangle between Sergey (Tom Prior), Luisa (Diana Pozharskaya) and Roman (Oleg Zagorodnii). The film’s aim is to show how love doesn’t ask about time or gender and can bloom even in the toughest of times.

    The project has an international cast. Rebane co-wrote the script with film’s leading actor Tom Prior. The film is produced by two UK-based companies, No Reservations Entertainment and The Factory with producer Brigita Rozenbrika. Several Estonians are also part of the project, including composer Imre Sooäär and cinematographer Mait Mäekivi.

    The film was supported by the Estonian Film Institute through the cash rebate programme with 455 562 EUR.

    Production Information:
    The Factory (UK)
    No Reservation Entertainment (UK)

    Supported by the Estonian Film Institute

    Director: Peeter Rebane
    Script: Peeter Rebane and Tom Prior
    DoP: Mait Mäekivi
    Music: Imre Sooäär
    Cast: Tom Prior as Sergey, Diana Pozharskaya as Luisa, Oleg Zagorodnii as Roman