Truth and Justice Sets Opening Record in Estonia

    Truth and Justice by Tanel Toom Truth and Justice by Tanel Toom

    TALLINN: Tanel Toom’s debut feature Truth and Justice has set a new opening record in Estonia. The film premiered on 22 February 2019 and got 51,239 admissions in its opening weekend. This is the last film in the Estonian 100 film programme.

    Truth and Justice is based on a novel by Anton Hansen Tammsaare and it takes us back to rural Estonia during the 19th century. The storyline follows an ongoing struggle between two neighbors Andres and Pearu, played by Priit Loog and Priit Võigemast.

    The film was produced by Ivo Felt through Allfilm. Felt was also behind Take It or Leave It by Liina Trishkina, which was also part of the Estonian 100 film programme.

    Truth and Justice was shot from April 2017 to August 2018 with a budget of over 2.4 m EUR, with 2.2 m EUR provided by the Estonian Film Institute.

    Tanel Toom won the Honourary Foreign Film Award at the 37th Student Academy Awards with The Confession (2010) and was a nominee in the Best Short Film, Live Action category at the Academy Awards 2011 with the same film.

    Previous opening weekend record-holder was the Estonian film Class Reunion 2 directed by Rene Vilbre and produced by Taska Film, with 49,432 admissions.