Historical Spy-Thriller O2 Tops Estonian Box Office

    O2 by Margus Paju O2 by Margus Paju

    TALLINN: The Estonian historical spy-thriller O2 directed by Margus Paju is leading the Estonian box office since its release on 9 October 2020. The film was produced by Nafta Films (Estonia) and Taska Film (Estonia), and coproduced by Film Angels Studio (Latvia), IN SCRIPT (Lithuania) and Finland’s Solar Films. It was supported by the Estonian Film Institute.

    Two other Estonian feature films have opened this autumn: Janno Jürgens’ debut feature Rain and Veiko Õunpuu’s The Last Ones. The two films were supposed to come out in spring but got postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The current autumn season hasn’t been easy on the domestic films but the future seems promising as O2 has put Estonian films back at the top of the box office, gaining over 40,000 admissions since the film’s release.

    O2 is the second feature of Margus Paju, the director of the box office hit The Secret Society of Soup Town. It takes us back to 1939, when Europe was in the break of war, and the Soviet Union and Germany signed a non-aggression pact. O2 focuses on the life of an Estonian spy Feliks Kangur. The filming ran for the course of 8 months and was completed just before the COVID-9 outbreak.