Estonia finances history documentary series

By Martin Aadamsoo
    Three Estonian audiovisual agencies, the Estonian Broadcasting Corporation (ERR), the national film agency Estonian Film Foundation and the Estonian Cultural Endowment have signed a three-party agreement

    to co-finance a series of six documentaries on history titled Memory from 2008-2010. Two films are planned for completion each year.

    The initiative came as an effort to involve the public broadcaster more extensively in the financing of Estonian documentaries, as well as to take off some pressure from the two film funds who have been faced with an increasing number of history-themed doc projects in recent years. Although no strict topics, issues, or periods have been imposed by the funders, the films are expected in some way to reflect on Estonia's history.

    ERR will tip in €16,000 per film, Estonian Film Foundation €32,000 and Cultural Endowmen another €19,000 for combined budget of up to €67,000 per documentary.

    The financing decisions will be taken by a committe of representatives from each party to the agreement. The docs of up 58 minutes are scheduled to be premiered in the spring and autumn of every contract year and will be broadcast by Estonian Television.