Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2022 Announces Works in Progress Selection

    Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2022 Announces Works in Progress Selection credit: POFF

    TALLINN: A total of 20 projects in production or postproduction and looking for sales agents or festivals will be presented at three Works In Progress showcases during the Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event, which will be held 20 – 25 November 2022 within the Tallinn Black Nights FF (11 – 27 November 2022).

    The films include new projects from award-winning directors as well as debuts from different genres.

    Baltic Event Works in Progress, which is celebrating its 20th birthday, will showcase eight projects. The 8th International Works in Progress includes five projects by renowned directors, while Just Film Works in Progress will present six feature films.

    Baltic Event Works in Progress Selection:

    8 Views of Lake Biwa (Estonia, Finland)
    Directed by Marko Raat
    Produced by Allfilm
    Coproduced by Bufo

    Anna LOL (Latvia)
    Directed by Ivars Tontegode
    Produced by Mojo Raiser Production, SIA KMVKP

    Black Velvet (Latvia, Lithuania)
    Directed by Liene Linde
    Produced by Ego Media

    Death is a Problem for the Living (Finland)
    Directed by Teemu Nikki

    Free Money (Estonia)
    Directed by Rain Rannu
    Produced by Tallifornia

    Infinite Summer (Estonia)
    Directed by Miguel Llanso
    Produced by Tallifornia

    Life Interrupted (Latvia, Lithuania)
    Directed by Ilze Kunga-Melgaile
    Produced by Tasse Film

    Lotus (Latvia, Lithuania)
    Directed by Signe Birkova
    Produced by Dominiks Jarmakovičs, Roberts Viniovskis

    International Works in Progress Selection:

    The Ballad of a Hustler (United States, Brazil)
    Directed by Heitor Dhalia

    Ruth (Israel)
    Directed by Esty Shushan

    Waltzing Matilda (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Petr Slavík
    Produced by Phoenix Production
    Coproduced by VIRUSfilm

    In the Belly of a Tiger (India, China, United States, France, Taiwan)
    Directed by Siddhartha Jatla

    The Fisherman's Daughter (Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil)
    Directed by Edgar De Luque Jácome

    20 000 Species of Bees (Spain)
    Directed by Estibaliz Urresola

    Just Film Works in Progress Selection:

    Jonja (Germany)
    Directed by Anika Mätzke

    Snot and Splash (Finland)
    Directed by Teemu Nikki

    Empire of the Rabbits (Turkey, Mexico, Lebanon, France)
    Directed by Seyfettin Tokmak

    Government of Children (Romania)
    Directed by Ioana Mischie
    Produced by Studioset Production

    Kissing Bug (Argentina, Brazil)
    Directed by Luis Zorraquin

    Raw Material (Hungary)
    Directed by Martin Boross
    Produced by Filmfabriq

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