Tax on Local Platforms to Bring Estonia’s Budget Up to 1.5 m EUR Increase


    TALLINN: A tax on streaming platforms is expected to raise the state budget by between 700,000 to 1.5 m EUR. However, some local platforms will avoid taxation if their turnover is below 2 m EUR.

    This is the case for ERR's streaming platform Jupiter, the National Archives of Estonia and Estonian Film Institute's online platform Arkaader.

    However, ERR will pay the tax. “ERR produces a lot of its own content. As a TV channel, it has this obligation in any case. The smaller platforms are simply below the turnover threshold," explained Karlo Funk, audiovisual and digital culture adviser at the Estonian Ministry of Culture quoted by ERR.

    The Estonian Ministry of Culture plans to make an amendment to the Media Services Act in 2023.