Cannes IFF 2010: Estonian Cinema at Cannes


    We are happy to announce, that it is the 10th anniversary of the Estonian Film Foundation in Cannes!

    In celebration, we are bringing to you again a reliable line-up of four new Estonian features to be screened at Marche du Film 2010. You are of course most welcome to take a look.
    We could be found in Palais Riviera, stand E12, like always. The stand is called Baltic Films.

    Producer on the Move - Anneli Ahven

    This year, Anneli Ahven represents Estonia as one of the PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE.
    Anneli Ahven has been producing both documentaries and features and is currently working on her last feature project called "A Friend of Mine" - a story that got started in the ScriptEast scriptwriting workshop a year earlier.


    Our main representatives with contacts in Cannes are:

    Marge Liiske (Managing director) +372 51 48134 - May 14-20
    Karlo Funk (Head of Production & Development) +372 56 485966 - May 15-21
    Tristan Priimägi (Head of International Relations) +372 53 402010 - May 12-24
    Eda Koppel (Information manager) +372 52 03306 - May 12-22

    See you soon,



    Estonian screenings:

    RED MERCURY - May 14 - 14:00 - Palais C

    THE SNOW QUEEN - May 16 - 12:00 - Palais G

    THE TEMPTATION OF ST. TONY - May 16 - 17:30 - Palais H

    BANK ROBBERY - May 17 - 16:00 - Palais C



    Screening: MAY 14 14:00 Palais C

    Estonia / Russia


    90 min


    Dir: Andres Puustusmaa

    Produced by Taska Film / Arnold & Gregor (Rus)

    It's the action-packed ‘90s and life in newly independent Estonia is like the Wild West. Everybody is looking for something: some for truth, some for money, and some for power. A secret metal of Russian military origin - red mercury - is supposed to be the best business on earth... but is it really?

    Red Mercury is based on former Estonian Central Criminal Police director Andres Anvelt's bestselling novel.



    Screening: MAY 16 12:00 Palais G

    Estonia / Norway

    Romantic drama

    100 min


    Dir: Marko Raat

    Produced by F-Seitse / Pomor Film ANS (Norway)

    A winter fairy-tale for adults. Beautiful, cold and fatal.

    A charismatic 40-year-old woman lures a teenage boy into coming with her to an ice villa where she lives as a recluse, freezing her body to stop the proliferation of cancer cells. She believes she has to break a young boy's heart to survive.



    Screening: MAY 16 17:30 Palais H

    Estonia / Finland / Sweden


    114 min

    Black and white

    Dir: Veiko Õunpuu

    Produced by Homeless Bob Production / ATMO (Sweden) / Bronson Club (Finland)

    The most stupendous and bone chilling tragedy about the agony and decline of one middle-level manager.

    Tony, a man who has reached the younger phase of middle age and the more prosperous phase of the income bracket, starts to ponder questions of morality. Unfortunately, the aggregate is not suitable for such ethical questions, Tony's nerves get frayed and he loses his material wellbeing.



    Screening: MAY 17 16:00 Palais C


    Road movie

    93 min


    Dir: Andrus Tuisk

    Produced by Filmivabrik

    A crook and former boxer Madis, having spent half his life behind bars, is released from prison. He pays his sister a visit and meets his nephew Hannes, a 14-year-old introverted boy who has grown up in a hostile environment and is constantly bullied at school.

    Madis is amused by Hannes and takes him along on a trip; the boy in turn clings to his uncle as he seems to be the only one who pays attention to him.

    Hannes develops a romantic, but twisted plan to do a bank heist with his uncle, film it and later post it on YouTube. Subconsciously, he guides them towards this irrefutable fate.

    Tristan Priimägi
    International Relations
    Estonian Film Foundation
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