Estonian cinema has banner year in 2007


    2007 was a record-breaking year for Estonian cinema, both on the home front and abroad, the Estonian Film Foundation reported on Friday (Feb. 1). Estonian films attracted 232,478 domestic admissions in 2007 or 14.3% of total admissions, the highest domestic market share in history.

    The domestic box office for the year was 14.7 million kronen (€940,000) or 13.2% of the gross box office. Additional records were made in admissions per capita (1.21), total number of admissions (1.6 million) and total box office (€7.1 million).

    Three Estonian films were in the Top 10 of cinema distribution. 186 Kilometres (directed by Rain Tolk and Andres Maimik, produced by Kuukulgur Film) was in third place with 73,336 admissions. Georg (directed by Peeter Simm, produced by Allfilm/Lege Artis/CNF/MRP) was in eighth place with 49,423 admissions. Autumn Ball (directed by Veiko Õunpuu, produced by Kuuklugur Film/Homeless Bob) was in ninth place with 37,859 admissions.

    In all, 12 Estonian films screened in cinemas in 2007. Nine of these were feature films and three were documentary films.

    On the international front, Estonian films screened in the programs of five A-category film festivals, most of which had never screened films from Estonia previously. In all, Estonian films won a total of 39 international awards and recognitions in 2007.