Estonian film financing grows by 12 percent

By Martin Aadamsoo

    Estonia's public financing for film is budgeted to grow by 12% in 2008 from the previous year. The total state financing is expected to reach €6.75 million, an all-time high. The figure for 2007 was €6 million.

    The money is introduced into the industry through three main channels. Most of the funds, €4.1 million, go through national film agency, the Estonian Film Foundation (www.efsa.ee). The Estonian Cultural Endowment is responsible for €1.72 million, and the Ministry of Culture for €907,000.

    Public financing has been growing steadily, with the total sum almost tripling during the eight-year period since 2000. However, some filmmakers still point out that much of this year's growth will be eroded by inflation, which nearly reached double digits in 2007.