Finnish Film Foundation announces production grants


    HELSINKI: Three features are receiving 1,072,000 EUR from the Finnish Film Foundation (www.ses.fi) in December 2012 with Kaisu Isto as film commissioner.

    Jarmo Lampela's Werther, which received 140,000EUR grant from a budget of 325,000EUR tells the story of a sculptor who starts an investigation about his recently deceased son who he hasn't seen in 15 years. The film is produced by Ilkka Mertsola through Vegetarian Films with YLE (www.yle.fi) as financing TV company. Shooting started in August 2012 and will wrap January 2013. Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus (www.elokuvakeskus.com) will distribute the film in Finland.

    Youth film Restless Monn/Huojuva kuu (working title) is a coming-of-age story involving too boys whose family originates from Somalia who accidentally push the alcoholic redneck father of one of their friends into the sea, thus inflaming the skinhead/redneck tensions against the Somalis in the neighbourhood. Sami Laitinen is directing and he also wrote the script. Klaus Heydemann is producing through Inland Film Company Oy (www.inland.fi) with a budget of 371,500EUR. The project received 202,000EUR from the Finnish Film Foundation. Shooting is set for February-June 2013 with the premiere set for November/December 2013. TV5 / Kutonen (SBS Finland, www.sbs.fi) is the financing TV company.

    Saara Cantell's Jill and Joy/Onneli ja Anneli is based on the children´s book written by Marjatta Kurenniemi and tells the story of two little girls who are buying the house of their dreams with the money found in an envelope on the street. The film is produced by Sari Lempiäinen and Teea Hyytiä through Zodiak Finland Oy (www.zodiakmedia.com) with the TV company YLE involved. It received 730,000EUR from a total budget of 1,638,937EUR. Shooting is set for June-July 2013 with the premiere set for end of January 2014. Nordisk Film (www.nordiskfilm.com) will distribute the film locally.

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