PRODUCTION: Heat in Early Development


    {mosimage}BUDAPEST: Mihaly Schwechtj is developing Heat, a black-comedy set in a small village an involving love, friendship, sex, lies and some pregnant goats.

    Höség/Heat is produced by László Kántor with Új Budapest Filmstúdió Kft (www.ujbudapestfilmstudio.hu). The project was selected at Binger Filmlab (www.binger.nl) for development, at Cinelink-Sarajevo (http://www.sff.ba/en/cinelink), and it was on the short list of the Sundance Film Festival (http://www.sundance.org/festival/). Foreign coproducers are expected. Possible co-producers are Helena Danielson together with the Swedish HEPP Film (www.heppfilm.se), and John Keville together Conor Barry Irish producers –SPFilms, Kántor told FNE.

    The budget is 1 million Euro (300 million HUF). The project received a development grant of 1 million HUF (3,300 Euro) from the Hungarian Film Fund.

    Pre-production is set for the end of 2012 - beginning of 2013. Shooting is planned for shooting in Hungary in 2013, with the premiere set for September 2014.

    Production Information
    Új Budapest Filmstúdió Kft

    Director: Mihály Schwechtj
    Script: Mihály Schwechtj




    Production Information

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