June 2012 Grants for Hungarian Films

Written by Iulia Blaga

BUDAPEST: Hungarian Film Fund (www.filmalap.hu) has designated production grants for two feature films and one documentary, and preproduction support for one feature film. Production funds will go to Heavenly Shift by Márk Bodzsár and Mirage by Szablocs Hajdu, and the documentary Stream of Love by Ágnes Sós. Preproduction support will go to Péter Gárdos's Fever at Dawn.

Márk Bodzsár's debut feature Heavenly Shift/Isteni műszak, aka Örök béke received 714,000 Euro (205m HUF). Produced by Hungary's Unio Film (www.uniofilm.hu) in co-production with Hungary's Sparks, the film follows a young refugee from the Yugoslavian war who gets involved in the funeral business as a trainee of the Hungarian Paramedics in order to rescue his fiancée from the war. Previously developed at Nipkow Programm (www.nipkow.de), this is the first film project to have gone through the development process provided by the Hungarian National Film Fund's Development Division, representatives of the Hungarian Film Fund told FNE. Awarded one of the most promising projects at the Tallinn Baltic Event's Co-Production Market (www.be.poff.ee) in Dec 2011, Heavenly Shift will be shot in Hungary between the end of August and October 2012, for 42 days. It is set to be finished in spring 2013.

Szablocs Hajdu's Mirage/Délibáb received 1,044,880 Euro (300 million HUF) after receiving 73,800 Euro from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk). The new film is produced by Hungary's Mirage Film Studio and Filmpartners (www.filmpartners.hu), the British company Fourth Culture Films (www.fourthculturefilms.com) and Slovakia's MPhfilms (www.mphilms.sk). The only actors confirmed are Romanians Orsolya Török-Illyés and Răzvan Vasilescu who both worked with Szablocs Hajdu on Bibliothèque Pascal. The project was pitched at Sarajevo Cinelink (www.sff.ba/en/cinelink) and Paris Cinema (www.pariscinema.org). The dates of shooting are not yet confirmed.

Ágnes Sós doesn't know how much money she will receive for Stream of Love/Szerelem patak (working title), a documentary of an elderly peasant widower who wants to try his luck and get married again. The film is produced by DokuArt.

The Hungarian Film Fund also granted 26,052 Euro (7.48m HUF) as preproduction support for Péter Gárdos' Fever ad Dawn/Hajnali láz, produced by Dénes Szekeres through Tivoli Filminvestments.

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