PRODUCTION: Hit Kids Book Filming in Croatia


    ZAGREB: Writer/director Silvije Petranović is in production with The Brave Adventures of Lapitch, Croatia’s best-selling children’s novel, with a 2013 release timed to mark the book’s 100th anniversary.

    The Brave Adventures of Lapitchis based on the children’s classic written by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, the most published children’s novel in Croatia. The film is produced by Maydi Film (www.maydi.com) and brings the total number of films produced in Croatia this year to nine.

    The film is being shot on locations in Croatia, including Zagreb’s Old Town, Baranja, Lekenik, Odransko Polje, and Osijek. The director of photography is Mirko Pivčević and the lead roles are played by Milan Pleština, Goran Navojec, Hristina Popović, Livio Badurina and Bojan Navojec.

    “Our competitive edge here in the Balkans is what Harry Potter cannot provide: Croatian language, brand name and a Croatian writer,” Petranovic tolda press conference.

    “We cannot compete with blockbusters, because of our lack of resources. It is a bit complicated having a model we have to stick to in terms of set and costume design. We have to go a hundred years back. Visually, the film will resemble old photographs which were not in colour, but coloured,” DoP Pivčević added.


    Contact information:

    Maydi Film
    Calogoviceva 14, 10 010 Zagreb
    tel.: +385 1 66 92 500

    fax: +385 1 66 24 701