Hungarian Film Classics in Cannes and Venice

    Late Season by Zoltán Fábri Late Season by Zoltán Fábri

    BUDAPEST: The Upthrown Stone (1968) by Sándor Sára and Late Season by Zoltán Fábri have been selected in 2020 Cannes Classics and Venice Classics of the 73th Cannes Film Festival and the 77th Venice IFF. Almost 100 Hungarian classic films have been restored so far within the programme launched by the National Film Institute (NFI) in 2017.

    This is the fifth time Cannes Classics selected a Hungarian film classic restored by the National Film Institute (NFI).

    The Upthrown Stone / Feldobott kő screened in the Cannes’ Competition in 1968.

    This year Cannes Classics films are screened at the Lumière Festival in Lyon (10-18 October 2020) and the Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cannes (23-26 November 2020).

    The 4K restoration of The Upthrown Stone has been made by the Film Archive and Filmlab operating within the National Film Institute.

    Late Season / Utószezon, starring Antal Páger, was one of the first films to examine the Holocaust-related responsibility of Hungarian society.

    The film was selected at the Venice Film Festival in 1967, and was awarded the Venice city prize and the CINEFORUM critics’ prize.

    The film was restored in 2017 by the Film Archive and Filmlab with the cooperation of the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers. The restoration was also supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

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